How Digital Sharing Economy will transform agriculture?

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We have been sharing things for thousands of years with neighbours lending food, borrowing tools and helping each other at times. With technological advancement, “sharing economy” enables human traits to grow and enable both local and international transactions. Digital sharing economy gives you the option to share almost anything. Isn’t it exciting to bring this into agriculture too?! This business model can change the way farmers think about value assessing the impact of goods and services on their wallet, their time and the planet.

The most compelling benefits include better affordability, greater convenience and betterment of nature. The digital sharing economy is the future of agriculture. Companies must recognize changes in farmer’s behaviour and adapt their market strategy accordingly. By examining their own assets and identifying underutilized resources that can be tapped as a potential new stream.

Through the “Digital Sharing Economy”, A world of collaborative opportunities will be opened up thereby transforming agriculture.

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